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Creativity For Mental Health in partnership with The LCVS

Across 6 weeks, Big Condo used photography, film, music videos and production to approach the subject of mental health. We had the honour to work with professional speakers such as Sean Liddell from Mindful Training Ltd who spoke about how important looking after our mental health is. Martine Gibson from Ready Set Go also delivered training to discuss emotions we feel throughout life. Most importantly, the community were able to talk about their mental health - something that doesn’t happen very often.


Summer HAF Activities with MPAC Liverpool

During the summer we run HAF activities in collaboration with MPAC Liverpool.
We offer four weeks of Music, Media and Fashion instruction. We have guitar and bass classes, drum classes, recording studio engineering, creative song writing, script writing, shooting for film, podcasting, modelling and photography, plus more for ages 12-16 years old.


October HAF Activities with Liverpool City Council

During October we run Haf Activities in collaboration with Liverpool City Council.
We have a full week of Music, Media and Fashion. We have guitar and bass classes, drum classes, recording studio engineering, creative song writing, script writing, shooting for film, podcasting, modelling and photography plus more for ages 12-16 years old.


February HAF Activities with Liverpool City Council

During February we run Haf Activities in collaboration with Liverpool City Council.
We have a full week of Music, Media and Fashion. We have guitar and bass classes, drum classes, recording studio engineering, creative song writing, script writing, shooting for film, podcasting, modelling and photography plus more for ages 12-16 years old.


The Digital Toolkit in partnership with The WEA And The European Union

Over 52 weeks, Big Condo delivered 4 courses related to digital skills for those wanting industry training for employ-ability purposes. Sponsored by the WEA, learners could gain skills relating to: film making, podcasting, Photoshop, A&R and photography. There were also opportunities for those wanting to work in the music industry as learners were taught how to write songs and create music. Emotional well being and team building exercises were also a main focus to help improve confidence. After the campaign, learners were able to gain job roles, go to college and university and even become managers at record labels. Job roles ranged from radio DJ’s to music engineers and the courses achieved a huge 100% success rate.


April HAF Activities with MPAC Liverpool

During April we run HAF activities in collaboration with Liverpool City Council.
We have a full week of Music, Media and Fashion. We have guitar and bass classes, drum classes, recording studio engineering, creative song writing, script writing, shooting for film, podcasting, modelling and photography plus more for ages 12-16 years old.


Strive High Youth Project funded by The WO Transformation with Merseyside Foundation

We had the pleasure of working on the Strive High Youth Project in partnership with the WO Street Transformation Foundation & CF Merseyside, where we worked with 10 young local lads teaching them how to express themselves through music.  They learned how the music industry works and we took them on a journey through the industry, teaching them to write and record at The Big Condo Academy where they recorded group projects and shot their own music videos.  These are out now on YouTube and everyone agreed that it was an awesome project!!


Zoomiverse funded by Department Of Digital Culture

The Big Condo Zoomiverse was a place of community connectivity and social networking.  In March 2021 we hosted a series of Zooms connecting people together in the interests of…..MOVIES – BOOKS & POETRY – MUSIC- WOMANS TALK – MENS TALK. We had mentors available for advice and support, also to help with life skills and to help motivate people to communicate during the Covid pandemic.


Bee Positive in partnership with The National Lottery Fund

Our Bee Positive body positive images programme began with body dysmorphia. Imagine experiencing pervasive and perpetual sensations of dread and shame, the sort of visceral response that you might have when your body reacts to a physical threat. Envision how distressing it would be if you experienced these exact same feelings after viewing yourself in a reflective surface or a photograph. Imagine what it might be like if your body was the source of extreme feelings of anger, disgust, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness. Try to visualize how it might be if viewing your outward appearance triggered a reaction usually associated with a perilous situation, and how disconcerting it would be if every time you looked at yourself you experienced primal feelings of terror. If you have not had such an experience, it's probably quite difficult to comprehend how it is possible to have such a reaction to one’s own body. This, though, is the very tormenting reality for individuals who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).


Theatre For All in partnership with Make It Write CIC

Within 24 weeks, we shot two feature length movies created by actors and writers online during the first lockdown of the Covid pandemic. Two scripts were written, rehearsed and practiced all online during the first wave of Covid and were then shot after lock down. The project enabled socialising, emotional wellbeing and confidence during a difficult time and kept the community socially active. The two movies were released in 2022 and premiered at the Hope street theatre in Liverpool.


Traineeships in partnership with The City Of Liverpool College

We had 6 trainees from the City of Liverpool College working in real life settings at Big Condo in the summer of 2021 to gain media qualifications through the City Of Liverpool College. Trainees participated in: engineering, podcasts, editing shows and creating artwork. Students also learnt the everyday running of the office and completed research, explored social media networks and did marketing. At the end of the course, trainees gained a range of qualifications such as: level 2 employability skills, creative media internet broadcasting and understanding creative media.


Females Direct in partnership with The National Lottery Fund

This was a 6 week course delivered by Big Condo Academy which allowed women to explore their creativity skills. Short films were created from scratch and the women involved learnt how to express themselves through media. Topics focused on mental health and they were able to showcase their work with the message of: women’s mental health matters.


DJ Industry Workshops in partnership with Alt Valley

Over 10 weeks, 10 people learnt the art of how to DJ with industry professional Jade Jaxxon at The Big Condo Academy. At the end of the workshop, members of the community were able to join the DJ industry getting paid work from nightclubs and pubs. Some even bought controllers and carried on developing the skills they had gained to make a career out of what they had learnt.


Big Condo Academy Presents Womans Week

The Big Condo Academy dedicated a week just for women to promote themselves in the industry as well as women’s rights. We welcomed lawyers, businesswomen, music artists, dancing professionals, therapists and counsellors. The women also wanted to promote equality, diversity and LGBTQ rights.


Script To Music Project in partnership with The National Lottery Fund

The Big Condo Academy hosted a project that involved everything around writing and music. Sponsored by the National Lottery, workshops operated online via zoom and musicians came in to the studio to create score music for the end product – a zombie movie, although we never shot the movie due to Covid striking the country.  We created an amazing project of script and music, benefiting 20 learners.


Artist Development funded by VOLA

We ran a 10 week workshop project with young up and coming artists, developing and preparing the learners for the music industry. The learners developed performance skills, studio recording techniques, creative writing skills and industry knowledge about record contracts and performance opportunities. The learners could gain a qualification with help from professionals at Big Condo Academy. People were able to learn about the media and music industry to develop their career further.


NCFE Creative Media and City & Guilds Music Production in partnership With Mac Tac Training Ltd

We ran three City and Guilds Level 2 music production courses and an NCFE Level 3 Creative media course with
25 learners over a period of 6 months to gain qualifications within the industry. Learners could specialize in a topic of their choice such as: internet broadcasting, film, social media and music production. The campaign was in partnership with Mac Tac Training Ltd in Liverpool and was really successful.


Artist Kickstart Project with The Adult Learning Service (ALS)

Over 60 hours, 10 learners were taught all about the music industry and how to develop their career. The aim was for the short course to be a form of self- development and to envision goals. Learners not only learnt about the various music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram and Facebook but performed at live venues to kick start their music careers. The learners developed performance skills, worked in the recording studio recording songs, creative writing and were taught industry knowledge to take them to the next level.


Mental Health Awareness Week

People from all walks of life came to the Big Condo Academy to talk all things mental health and discover ways to combat negative emotions. Many people benefited from the week as they felt the need to talk to someone. Music artists and people from the community had discussions about how mental illness can affect anyone and emphasized how it is ok to have issues. The focus was not only on depression, but other mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, which aren’t as recognized.  We also had the leading professionals in mental health podcasting live with Sean Liddel from Mindful Training Ltd, which was great.


The Community Climate Change Campaign

We ran a huge climate change campaign aimed to promote ways to reduce waste and overall care for the environment. Business professionals who were involved encouraged us to use various methods, such as walking to places instead of using public transport and to recycle whenever we can.  We also ran a series of recording studio sessions and podcasts to raise awareness for climate change.


Local Solutions Knife Crime Project

We mentored 8 learners from Local Solutions who worked on an anti-knife crime project for a total of 6 weeks. Young homeless youths were taught how to rap, record and shoot a music video which was to be presented to the Lord Mayor. The young adults talked of how their situation came about and found rap to be a form of self-expression. Trying something so new enabled them to become more confident and to raise knife crime awareness – “save a life, don’t carry knives”.



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