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Helping Students Grow


Royzy Rothschild

Music, Music Industry, Record Labels, Artist Development

After recording, performing and touring as a highly successful artist for the past 25 years, Royzy Rothschild set up the Big Condo Academy in order to benefit creatives as an educator.  He's determined to pass on his invaluable knowledge and skills to our lucky students and he excels at this, as he does in all his other chosen disciplines.  Royzy also runs the Big Condo Records music label and loves nothing more than developing up-and-coming artists, giving them a chance to shine as he has throughout his career.  We're privileged to have him!


Chase Johnston-Lynch

Film, Directing, Producing and Podcasting

With a body of work going back as far as the New York of the 90s and the true roots of Hip-Hop, Chase Johnston-Lynch has an enviable track record in both film and music video production.  He's now developed those skills further and added to them, with a unique teaching style which both educates and entertains his students.


Phil Beale

Music, Media and Podcasting

A Brummie by birth, Phil first came to Big Condo Academy as a student on one of our Digital Toolkit courses.  A little over a year later he agreed to join us a Director, bringing with him skills in musicianship, songwriting and composition, along with his extensive background in business and I.T.  Since joining us he's had a hand in producing several Podcast series for our YouTube channel and co-presented 'Tunnel Vision' - a Movies & Music show on local radio.  With his bass and guitar playing in local bands on top, he's a busy guy!

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Gemma Gosling

Beauty and Fashion

Big Condo’s Head of Beauty and Fashion, project manager and event planner. Passionate about being inclusive and bringing communities together through creative projects within the fashion and beauty industries to give people a safe space to express themselves. Qualified beauty therapist and fashionista!

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